Top Tools and Resources for Volunteers

Project: Bench Assembly

April 20, 2022
This document is a step by step guide to a successful project  

Ideas for Community Needs Assessment

April 20, 2022
Creative ideas for assessing community issues.

Project: Trash Can Holder

April 20, 2022
This is a guide to a simple volunteer project.  

Be a Leader of NOW

April 20, 2022
This guide was originally used for young adult volunteer leaders, but could be used in any setting when volunteer could use motivation, encouragement and guidance.

Project: Life Stories

April 20, 2022
Organizations looking for youth service opportunities and for ways to bridge the generation gap between younger and older community members may want to launch a Life Stories project, where younger volunteers interview senior citizens to learn about their lives and the community?s history.

Ten Ways to Volunteer on Your Own Schedule

April 28, 2022
No matter how many items I check off my list, undoubtedly, the list continues to grow. I’m always running out of time, so offering my time feels downright daunting. But with a little creativity and research, I’m finding that it is possible to give back. There are plenty of volunteer...

Passion Into Action: Telling Your Story

April 28, 2022
This is a tip sheet on telling your volunteer story to others.

AmeriCorps Week Media and Promotions Kit

April 29, 2022
  This presentation was modified. The original version can be found at and is made possible by the Corporation for National and Community Service, AmeriCorps alums and AmeriCorps

Neighboring Toolkit

June 3, 2022
What we now know is that the most effective local communities are those where neighborhoods and citizens have reclaimed their traditional roles. The research on this point is decisive. Where there are “thick” community connections, there is positive child development. Health improves...

Volunteer Leader Guidebook

April 22, 2022
Learn how to create high-impact, well-managed projects that will help you sustain volunteers and have a positive impact in your community. This guide does not prescribe how your project should be structured; it does, however, provide pointers and connects you to tools and resources you can adapt to...