Get HandsOn! Volunteer Leader Toolkit

Volunteer Leader Guidebook

Learn how to create high-impact, well-managed projects that will help you sustain volunteers and have a positive impact in your community. This guide does not prescribe how your project should be structured; it does, however, provide pointers and connects you to tools and resources you can adapt to...

My Ideal Community Checklist

Before beginning a project, it is always a good idea to assess the community needs. There are a variety of methods to assess community needs. You should select one that fits the scope of the volunteer effort. For a one-day project, you may want to choose an assessment technique that is less time-...

Site Visit Checklist

If you decide to partner with a community based organization on a project, you should always take time to visit the potential project site to determine the greatest needs. Use this site visit checklist to help guide you in this process.

Project Task List

Part of the planning process is determining the tasks involved in completing the project. Consider what you want to accomplish and the tasks needed. Then, create a comprehensive list of the assignments and the number of volunteers needed for each task.

Volunteer Assignment Sheet

Once you have outlined your project planning and implementation tasks, use this form to help you identify and plan for the number and types of volunteers to help accomplish those tasks. 

Project Planning Worksheet

Once you have selected your project, you should develop a plan for how you will implement and manage the service event. This worksheet will help guide your planning efforts.

Volunteer Project Timeline

Once you have outlined your plan, you should develop a timeline. Use this sample timeline to guide your efforts.

Crafting a Volunteer Recruitment Message

To successfully complete your project, you will need volunteers. To help you secure the volunteers you need to implement your project, be sure to target recruitment in ways that will appeal to specific groups. Use this worksheet to help you craft your recruitment message.

Pre Project Checklist

If you plan your service event well beforehand, you can expect things to run pretty smoothly during the actual day of service. But we all know that sometimes things don’t go as expected. Here is a checklist to help you manage logistics for your service event.

Professional Skills Matrix

Part of managing a project is being able to balance the different skill levels of your volunteers. The Professional Skills Matrix tool is designed to provide structure in using those skills. It provides you examples of volunteer positions that align with volunteer skill level.