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In the resource library, browse the hundreds of available resources or search by format, keyword, category, audience or type of resource. They are drawn from our current work, previous HandsOn Network, and Points of Light resource collections and our partner organizations.

Volunteer Leader Application

This can be used as an application for potential volunteers in your organization.

Volunter Leader Recruitment Worksheet

Use this worksheet to help you plan your strategy for recruiting volunteers for your leadership opportunities.

How to Compost

Follow this step-by-step playbook on how to easily start and maintain a compost container at a school. This project can be adapted for other locations.

Mom's Time Away, Kid's Time to Play

A great way to meet the needs  parents and children who belong to military families is to host a “Mom’s Time Away, Kids Time to Play” day. Follow these step-by-step instructions to laern how to plan and implement such a project.

WARM IT UP! Day Project Playbook

Fleece is soft, comfortable to wear, and warm without being heavy. It is considered environmentally friendly because it is partially made from recycled plastic. In this project, you can teach people, particularly kids, how to make fun fleece hats, scarves, or blankets to donate to a homeless...

Hurricane Shuttering Project Playbook

Safeguard personal and community property from the disastrous effects of hurricane winds and rain by planning a hurricane shuttering project.

Mitigation Landscaping Project

Safeguard personal and community property from the disastrous effects of hurricane winds, rain and debris by planning a mitigation landscaping project.

Smoke Alarms Project Playbok

Support families in fire safety and prevention by following the directions in this step-by-step playbook.

Roof Sheathing Project Playbook

Assist homeowners improve their plywood roof sheathing by as much as three times to resistance wind gusts by planning a roof sheathing project playbook.

Volunteers as Leaders

This is a guide for organizations looking to groom their volunteers to become efficient leaders.