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In the resource library, browse the hundreds of available resources or search by format, keyword, category, audience or type of resource. They are drawn from our current work, previous HandsOn Network, and Points of Light resource collections and our partner organizations.

Organize a Disaster Kit Project

Preparing for events such as an influenza pandemic, hurricane, tornado, flood or other events takes time and in a society where it is sometimes hard to slow down and plan or prepare it can be difficult to find the time to create a family plan. Taking the time to provide families with disaster kits...

Lead a Disaster Resource Directory

One of the greatest lessons from Hurricane Katrina is recognition of the need to rely on local resources for an indefinite period of time until outside help can arrive. Whatever the disaster, local resources are essential and having a shared directory will save precious time when a disaster strikes...

Disaster Volunteer Roles

Summary of disaster volunteer roles to include: mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery positions.

Organize a Neighborhood Cleanup

A collaborative effort to protect our local environment and ensure that trash and recyclables stay out of our waterways can get family members, students, coworkers and community members educated and involved in being good stewards of the environment. Use this Project Playbook to learn more about...

Start a School Garden

Starting a school garden is an excellent way to connect schools and neighbors. School gardens invite neighbors and students to work together to grow fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers

Organize a Container Garden Fundraiser

An easy way to raise money, learn something new, and help your community is to start a Container Garden, plan a Garden Sale, and donate those proceeds to a food bank.  Follow the directions in this Playbook to implement a Container Garden Fundraiser in your community!

Food Pick-Up Playbook

Start a food pick-up volunteer team that transports leftover food from restaurants and grocery stores to local food banks, homeless shelters, or composts.

Volunteer Position Description Worksheet

Use this worksheet to outline responsibilities, support, and benefits of specific volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer Management Plan

This document will help volunteer managers develop a plan for recruiting, recognizing, and retaining volunteers.

Volunteer Leader Needs Assessment Worksheet

      Developing a volunteer leadership framework begins by identifying your program needs. As you define your volunteer engagement goals and objectives, consider your current program, how you want to expand your work, and how you can utilize volunteers in leadership...