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EVP Return of Investment Measurement Study

THis resource will help you and your organization better analyze the return of investment from your volunteer program.

"Positive Deviants" in Volunteerism and Service: Research Summary

TCC Group’s Core Capacity Assessment Tool (CCAT) is a 146-question online survey that measures a nonprofit organization's effectiveness in relation to four core capacities—leadership, adaptability, management, and technical capacities— as well as organizational culture....

All Volunteer Force: From Military to Civilian Service

The central message of this report is that a new generation of veterans is returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan without sufficient connections to communities, is enthusiastic to serve again, and points the way forward for how our nation can better integrate them into civilian life. Although the...

Mapping Success in Employee Volunteering

This report aims to help corporate community involvement professionals configure their Employee Volunteering and Giving Programs (EVGPs) to effectively impact their communities and companies. It presents an absolute and a relative benchmark of effectiveness for EVGPs. The absolute benchmark...

Generating Funds for Your Volunteer Program: The Mindset and Methods

The biggest challenge in supporting volunteer programs has purportedly been an inability to raise the appropriate amount of funds to adequately support them. In this article from the e-VOlunteerism journal the support or lack thereof for volunteer programs is assessed.

Six Simple Steps to Identifying Prospective Funders for Volunteer Management

This document contains six key steps of how to Identify Prospective Funders for Volunteer Management Support.

How to Manage Volunteer Burnout

  Managing burnout actually begins from your first contact with volunteers. Get to know them – what motivates them, why they’re serving, what they hope to give and receive from the experience – and then match them with an appropriate volunteer opportunity. As they serve with...

Sample Volunteer Manager Position Description

The volunteer manager builds organizational capacity to effectively manage volunteer activities. Volunteer managers recruit, equip, empower, convene, and support service leaders and volunteers. They provide direction, coordination, and consultation for all volunteer functions within the...

15 Things to Know When Managing Volunteers in Times of Disaster

This is a list of 15 things to know when managing volunteers in times of disaster.

Volunteer Motivational Analysis