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eVolve: How to be a force in the Volunteerism and Traning sector? (February 2013)

To continue to be a leading and relevant force in the volunteerism and training sector, HandsOn University is currently under construction as we identify new ways to equip you to create change. We value your feedback! If you have any suggestions, ideas or questions around the future of HandsOn...

eVolve: How can I make an impact on the MLK Day of Service? (October 2013)

The United States is no stranger to dissent. As a crucial component of a healthy democracy, we demanded the right to freedom of speech and have exercised that right time and time again.

eVolve: Getting Ready for Disaster Preparedness Month (August 2013)

September 2013 marks the 10th annual National Preparedness Month and the 12th anniversary of 9/11. On this Day of Service, and every day of the year,Points of Light engages citizens in channeling that power to solve society's most pressing issues

10 Steps to Evaluate your Project

Here are 10 steps to evaluate your service project. 

Securing Resources

Here are some ideas of where to secure resources.

Tips for Project Management

Here are a few tips to help you manage your service project.

Vision Statement Activity

Take a few minutes to create a vision statement. Your vision statement should be a short, concrete statement that depicts your end goal or result.

Incorporating Fun into Service

It is a volunteer’s experience on a project that keeps them coming back for more, and many times this is becausethey had a good time. You want your volunteers to leave the project with a feeling that they worked hard, made a difference, and had fun! Here are a few ideas on how to incorporate...

If We Build it, They Will Come: The Imperative for Strengthening the Nation's Volunteer Infrastructure

Today, tens of millions of Americans volunteer to tackle our most urgent needs and millions more are prepared to  fill gaps in our nation’s social safety net....

Writing Proposals for Capacity Building

Capacity building grants are a growing trend among both private and government grantmakers. Writing proposals for capacity building can be difficult, especially if the organization is unfamiliar with the functions and language of these efforts. This article will explore how funders want to improve...