Tools and Resources Library

In the resource library, browse the hundreds of available resources or search by format, keyword, category, audience or type of resource. They are drawn from our current work, previous HandsOn Network, and Points of Light resource collections and our partner organizations.

Semester of Service: Civic Action for Community Impact

The workshop's agenda includes: Addressing real community problems the "Four C's" Building connections appplying the "Four C's" into a project Other "Burning Questions"

Pathway to Excellence: Proving your Professional Competence

Discover and analyze your professional compentence with this resource from the Conference on Volunteering and Service in 2013. 

Volunteer Manager's Guide

Learn how to effectively manage volunteers that are older in age. Learn how to help engage those 50 years and older in volunteer service.

Volunteer Handbook: Volunteers Light Up Loudoun

Help build up your volunteer leadership skills with this resource. Undestand how to engage volunteers that are aging and past the age of 50 years old.

Survival Skills in Volunteerland

Assess your volunteer management conmpetncies in the area of Leadership: Learn, apply and model the professional principles of volunteer management

Cities of Service's Service as a Strategy Blueprints

To access the Blueprints click the following link.   Ready-to-use, high-impact service strategies available for cities to read and download. These customizable blueprints address specific city needs in six priority areas: education...

Virtual Volunteering Wiki

To access the virtual Volunteering Wiki click the following link. Virtual volunteering is a term describing a volunteer who completes tasks, in whole or in part, off-site from the organization being assisted, using the Internet and a home, school...

Central Texas Nonprofit Capacity Study Policy Research Project

A joint project with the Bush School of Government at Texas A&M University, this research project for the United Way and the Texas Nonprofit Management Assistance Network focused on the nonprofit and volunteer capacity building “industry” of Central Texas. The project involved a...

OneStar Foundation Policy Research Project

The purpose of this foundation-funded PRP was to research and map the nonprofit sector in Texas, conduct surveys of current and potential OneStar grantees and develop a multi-dimensional performance scorecard of essential metrics for benchmarking.

AmeriCorps* Texas Statewide Evaluation

The goal of this evaluation was to describe the impact that AmeriCorps state and national programs have on Texas communities and analyze why some programs produce more benefits than others. Findings identified organizational and management structures most commonly associated with successful, value-...