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In the resource library, browse the hundreds of available resources or search by format, keyword, category, audience or type of resource. They are drawn from our current work, previous HandsOn Network, and Points of Light resource collections and our partner organizations.

Calling on the Called: Managing Faith-Motivated Volunteers

Understand who faith-motivated volunteers are Why it is important to engage them How to connect with faith motivated volunteers and their networks  Take away a handful of tips and best practices to use in your current setting

Using Service for Results After School

This presentation highlights various ways youth in service and service for youth can positively impact academic and 21st century skill development. Provide resources for getting involved and making local connections.

Strengthening the Link between Human Resources and Employee Volunteerism

learn to use your professional skills to create positive, sustainable change for non-profit organizations and the comunities you serve. 

Pulse 2011 Impact Report

-Change communities- Using our professional skills to create positive, sustainable change for non-profit organisations and the communities they serve.  -Change yourself -Challenging employees to think differently about the world, facilitating leadership development and personal growth.  -...

Engage the Volunteer of the future

How do volunteers find you? How can you find them?  This presentation will help you find and identify the right volunteers

How to Speak Corporate: Making the Business Case

Gain knowledge of how to build confidence and understanding in how companies think when trying to build new corporate partnerships.

Engaging Faith Communities in disaster: From Visioning to Lessons Learned

Learn about successful models to build bridges between emergency responders and the faith community. Discover tools to organize information about resources within the faithe community

What could possibly go wrong?- Managing volunteers' accident and liability risks

Recognize common risks arising out of volunteer involvement and identify your specific risks that may arise when volunteering.  Learn to sustain a risk management system

National Service as a Strategy to End America's Dropout Crisis

Gain an understanding of  -The current dropout statistics  -The goals of the Grad Nation initiative  -What National Service is and the role it plays in advancing student success -How one program is scaling the delivery of key early  interventions using national service as a...

Building and Sustaining a Community College Service-Learning Program

Service-learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities.