Target "Bullseye Gives" Campaign Kicks Off Today!

Today is the kick off for the Target "Bullseye Gives" Campaign! If you aren’t familiar with the campaign, we’ve been chosen to be one of 10 charities participating in Target’s inaugural “Bullseye Gives” campaign, running May 10 through May 25.

The premise is simple: Target is giving away $3 million and letting Facebook users decide where the money goes. The charities with the most votes will receive the biggest share of the prize. Voters are allowed to vote once a day throughout the campaign.

To reach our goal of $500,000, we’re calling on everyone to do as much as possible. The money raised will go to our educational initiatives, with 25% of it going directly to participating affiliates. This is new money, so every vote and every dollar counts! And this is a marathon—not a sprint. Every day for the next two weeks we will push to make progress towards this goal.

What do we need you to do? Two simple things:

Vote, Vote, Vote: Log on to and go to the VOTE tab to vote for HandsOn today and every day of the campaign (1 vote per day maximum).

Help us spread the word: Contact your friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances, and encourage all of them to vote. Then encourage them to spread the word to others.

You can also spread the word in the following ways (if you have social media pages/accounts):

1. Tweet about the campaign on Twitter and encourage people to vote.
2. Invite your network on Facebook to vote and become fans of HandsOn Network.
3. Invite your network on MySpace to vote and join the Facebook HandsOn page.
4. Blog about the campaign in your blog.
5. Comment on other blogger’s pages about the campaign.

We really appreciate your efforts in leveraging this opportunity and look forward to celebrating the success of this inaugural social media campaign!