Ready, Set, Grow: TOols and Tales to Start and scale your Pro Bono Program

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Organizational Management
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Pro Bono, SKills-Based Volunteer Program
Measuring Impact, Case Studies, SKills-Based Volunteer Program, Pro Bono, Volunteer Management, Volunteer Leadership
We’re excited that you’re starting to think about building, growing and measuring the 
impact of your skills-based volunteer program. The tools listed below are designed for companies across many stages of their 
development, and will help you: 
 Make the business case to build the internal support for a skills-based volunteer program 
 Design a program that aligns with your company’s culture, its business & community goals 
 Find nonprofit organizations that are ready to engage in skills-based projects 
 Manage the program to ensure a great experience for your employees and partners 
 Measure the program’s success across the metrics that matter to your company