Whether you are an individual, media professional, non-profit partner, corporate administrator, or a HandsOn Action Center (Affiliate), plug in and get the information you need. Over 1,000 tools, links, tips and resources available to help you get involved in your community. Get project ideas for your company or community organization, strengthen you workplace volunteer program or find a HandsOn Action Center near you to find a volunteer opportunity help you plan your own volunteer project.


If you are an individual and want to know more about community issues that concern you, our network of HandsOn Action Centers is can help you get started. You can also find out more about volunteer opportunities in your local community or in communities across the country that interest you. Or, if you want to become a volunteer leader or organize a group of people to help with a cause you care about—just plug in and find out more.


Considering starting an employee volunteer program, expanding your current corporate community engagement program or looking for help in developing, managing or implementing large scale corporate days of service? Check out the resource guides, best practices and how-to guides and detailed volunteer management tools. A wide range of impact data and resources are available to help you benchmark, plan and measure the results of your volunteer programs.


Find information about our organization, signature events, data about volunteering and service trends and stories about people who are transforming their communities everyday.


Find and download resources to help you manage your organization and volunteers more effectively or a HandsOn Action center near you.

HandsOn Action Centers (Affiliates)

Check out these resources to guide your HandsOn Action Center activities. You can find and download resources to help you manage your organization and volunteers more effectively and learn about how to be a Brand Ambassador.