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Nonprofits & Government
HandsOn Network partners with nonprofit and government agencies to provide compelling volunteer opportunities and to effectively utilize the talents of people who serve. As the country's leading volunteer organization, HandsOn offers training, resources, and networking opportunities that equip agencies to engage volunteers in meaningful service.

HandsOn Network has developed and refined a new generation of volunteer engagement techniques that are tailored to today’s realities. These techniques make our training curriculum dynamic, innovative, impact oriented, and easily applicable in various settings. 

The value that we place on innovation, action and impact pervades our educational strategies. The content of our trainings is based on our core competencies:

  • Providing volunteers with a flexible point of entry into various service opportunities
  • Managing and ensuring a meaningful volunteer experience
  • Bringing other community members together as a team to solve problems
  • Maximizing the impact of episodic volunteers 
  • Offering the tools and resources to support volunteers to take on organizational and/or community-leadership roles

HandsOn Network offers in-person and web-based training on a variety of topics, and we can customize our curriculum to best meet your needs. Contact us today for more information.