Partner Highlights - JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Commitment to “Good Works”

JP Morgan Chase and Company has always been deeply committed to doing good works in the community. It is an essential part of what we do — and who we are — as a firm. As such, we have intensified our corporate responsibility efforts and sharpened our focus on employee volunteer service.

It is the contribution of the employees of the firm —and their individual and collective dedication to community service that results in meaningful positive change in our communities.

In 2008, the firm created a volunteer leadership structure to support community service. Currently there are more than 500 volunteer leaders in place working in 39 volunteer leadership groups across 35 markets in the U.S. In 2010 this effort will expand internationally, where thousands of employees are already involved in numerous community service projects.

This year when Haiti was struck by a major earthquake, more than 13,000 employees responded by donating more than $1 million to CARE, UNICEF, World Vision and The American Red Cross. The firm matched $1 million of employee donations to this disaster.

Celebrating Volunteer Service

At the 2010 National Conference on Volunteering and Service, Jamie Dimon -- President and CEO, JPMorgan Chase and Company announced that employees have already donated 100,000 hours to charities this year and said the bank would double its goal to 200,000 hours, or nearly 23 years of service.

The corporate challenge, titled “Celebration of Service” has the goal of mobilizing large numbers of employees to respond to pressing local issues in their communities, including developing safe and affordable housing, fighting hunger, school improvement and providing financial education training.

Approach to Community Service

Employee Involvement in “Good Works”

Through the firm’s leading edge technology, employees can create a personal volunteer profile on the firm’s “Good Works” web site.  Once this profile is registered, employees receive email alerts any time a local, company sponsored volunteer activity that aligns with their skill sets, interest areas for service or timeframes for volunteering is posted on the site. Since rolling out this program more than 50,000 employees have logged their profiles. What’s more, the Good Works site is a one stop shop for volunteer coordinators to post events, manage rosters and communicate with registered employees.

Rewarding Personal Volunteer Efforts

The firm matches employee volunteer hours with a monetary gift. Employees can apply for an individual or team volunteer grant when they complete as little as 15 hours of service within a 12 month period. Grants range from a $150–$1,000 for the qualifying nonprofit where the service was performed. The more service employees or teams complete, the more money their charities receive. In 2009, the firm awarded nearly 3,000 grants totaling nearly $800,000.