Center for Employee Volunteerism

The premier membership program for employee volunteer professionals


The Center for Employee Volunteerism (formerly Business Membership Program), a program of the Points of Light Corporate Institute, is the premier membership program for employee volunteer professionals.

The Center for Employee Volunteerism offers a wide range of products and services to assist employee volunteer professionals and corporate social responsibility representatives with development, maintenance, and engagement of an effective employee volunteer program.

The program is uniquely designed to help your company develop a sustainable EVP that meets your company’s priorities, address your employees’ interests, and target real community needs. Membership is ideal for those professionals who have direct oversight of employee volunteer programming, policies or community projects.

Our staff will guide your company in developing and enhancing an effective EVP to meet our Principles of Excellence for Workplace Volunteering, a set of standards that successful companies share in supporting the involvement of their employees in community service. With our specialized training, resource materials, national network of Corporate Volunteer Councils, and networking and visibility opportunities, we empower thousands of businesses to motivate and engage their employees, retirees, families, and customers in programs that make a difference.

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Membership Benefits:

Membership in the Center for Employee Volunteerism offers your company the following benefits:

All Employee Access Via the Company Membership
  • Benefits extend to both your company’s EVP and management teams
  • Full access to member only events, webinars, and trainings
Employee Volunteer Program Development Assistance
  • Counsel in designing the best program to fit your needs and goals
  • Ongoing support and consultation
  • Notification and coaching in the latest trends and best practices in the industry
Marketing, Sponsorship and Media Opportunities
  • Visibility on the Points of Light website
  • Member spotlight opportunity in the bi-weekly newsletter publication
  • Sponsor and media opportunities with Points of Light such as national days of service, Conference on Volunteering and Service, among others.
  • Membership provides the opportunity to network with other companies with established EVPs and to hear new ideas to aid those in the early stages of a EVP
Exclusive Member Portal
  • Members have 24/7 access to the Points of Light Member Portal offering a library of resources, blogs, events and exclusive members-only information
First access to Points of Light Publications
  • As a member, you are given first access to the Corporate Institute communications
  • Conference on Volunteering and Service registration discount
  • Discounts on training seminars
Members also receive access to
  • EVP consulting, toolkits, resources and trainings
  • Unique opportunities during the national days of service and other Points of Light activities
  • Points of Light Action Networks:
    • Hands On Network and its affiliates – the largest network of volunteer centers across the country and around the world
    • generationOn – the youth service movement that ignites the power of kids to make their mark on the world
    • AmeriCorps Alums – the national service alumni network that activates the next generation of leaders

Membership Information

There are two membership levels, according to the number of employees in your company. To become a member or learn more, please visit or contact Toya Russell at 404-844-5371 or


The Points of Light Corporate Institute keeps our members informed of the latest events happening in the area of workplace volunteering. Please view our calendar here, which includes all webinars and events offered for members and non-members by our enterprises.

As a member, you can access our past webinars in the Member Community.


Points of Light provides its Business Members a comprehensive collection of resources related to the area of workplace volunteering. Our resources range from benchmarking reports and publications to toolkits and best practice compilations. Whether you need published articles or training materials, the resource library has tools you can use.

Members have full access to all resources in the Member Community.

Please check back periodically as we will be updating this section when we create and/or identify useful resources.

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Public resources:

Principles of Excellence in Workplace Volunteering
These are the guiding principles in workplace volunteering and serve as the criteria for the Corporate Awards of Excellence in Workplace Volunteering.

Corporate Institute Calendar of Events
The 2012 Corporate Institute Calendar of Events is a compilation of all the conference calls and webinars we will be offering to our members and companies interested in building their corporate volunteer portfolio. This calendar reflects not just the programming around building and measuring employee volunteering programs, but also includes webinars on youth, veterans, cause marketing, civic health research, reimagining service and lots of skills based volunteering information.

Trends of Excellence Series
The Trends of Excellence in Employee Volunteering, a series compiled by the Points of Light Business Member Program, analyzes employee volunteer programs (EVP) to identify the practices associated with excellence. The full report focuses on a number of practices of excellent EVPs including company support, strategies, policies, activities and outcomes. The research indicates key practices and trends companies should consider when developing or enhancing an EVP.
Employee Volunteer Program Reporting Standards
As the prevalence of Employee Volunteer Programs continues to grow and corporate America reports their activities and impact, it is important to apply standard definitions to this work. Standards allow the corporate volunteer community to track trends, benchmark our programs and encourage better practices. The Points of Light Corporate Service Council is proud to present the newly revised 2010 Employee Volunteer Program (EVP) Reporting Standards.
Click here to download the executive summary.
Click here to download the full report.

How to Start an EVP 8 Steps
An easy step by step guide how to develop an Employee Volunteering Program.

Member resources:

Click here to enter the Member Community and have full access to member-only resources:
  • Business Member Newsletters
  • Recorded Webinars
  • Surveys and Reports from our partners
  • Members-only discussion forum
  • Specialized EVP tools including:

Introduction: Building the Case for EVPs
Employee Volunteer Programs offer a number of benefits to your company. However, companies understandably want the benefits of having an EVP to support their main business priorities and contribute to the achievement of business goals. These resources offer compelling research, information and business justification to support an EVP at your company. They’ll help you understand and communicate the business case for having an EVP and the value it brings to your organization.
  • Business Benefits Family Volunteering
  • CVC Network Program Brochure
  • Support the Bottom Line The Case for Investment
  • Volunteer Recognition What's In It for Our Company

Building Value in EVPs Best Practices
The following resources provide you with established benchmarks so that you can build upon effective practices to help ensure that the investment of time and resources you dedicate to developing and managing your Employee Volunteer Program yields the dividends you expect. They help you identify, advance, promote and recognize EVP best practices. By utilizing these resources, you’ll learn about trends, effective practices, and ways to refine and enhance your volunteer program to meet corporate, employee, and community goals and needs.
  • Benchmarks of Excellence Checklist
  • Benchmarks of Excellence Magnitude and Nature
  • Benchmarks of Excellence Policies and Procedures
  • EVP Building Blocks for Small Businesses
  • EVPs Steps to Success Small Medium Businesses
  • Measuring EVPs The HR Model

EVP Development
These resources outline the various stages of EVP development so that you can employ the key elements essential to establishing a successful EVP at your company. They provide you with indispensable tools for developing an EVP that encourages optimum participation and provides opportunities for employees to invest their time and talent in generating social change while bringing value to the organization.
  • Building Partnerships That Work
  • Developing Excellence Workplace Volunteer Programs
  • Employee Volunteer Program Start-up 4 Steps
  • EVP Building Blocks for Small Businesses
  • EVPs Steps to Success Small Medium Businesses

Employee and Community Needs Assessment
These resources will help you in creating and sustaining a successful EVP by giving you tools to assess the interests, preferences or issues that company employees and the community want and need to address. By seeking and assessing employee’s ideas and feedback, you can develop a program which encourages participation. In order to align the employees’ interests with real community needs, you’ll need to uncover how these social issues are affecting the people in your community. Using these assessment resources will aid you in developing activities that appeal to your employees and top management, while also fulfilling real community needs that will make a difference.
  • Employee Interest Survey
  • Employee Interest Survey Existing EVP
  • Employee Interest Survey Start

EVP Management
In order to be successful, Employee Volunteer program need to be managed like any other business function. These resources will assist you in putting processes and systems in place to help ensure your EVP is effective. They explore methods and tools in addition to tips from experts to help manage corporate volunteering.
  • Assigning Tasks and Timelines
  • Nonprofit Feedback Form
  • Roles and Responsibilities EVP Management
  • Volunteer Project Leader Form
  • Volunteer Project Management Checklist
  • Volunteer Project Planning Form
Recognition and Awards
Recognition and Awards Programs promote employee involvement, create a strong identity for our EVP and provide your company with increased exposure. The following resources provide you with strategies for developing a Recognition Program thathonors and acknowledges the achievements ofyour company volunteers through internal and established external award programs.
  • Best Practice Network Recognizing Employee Volunteers
  • Starting Recognition Program 10 Things to Consider
  • Volunteer Recognition What's In It for Our Company

Measurement, Evaluation and ROI
Like all business strategies, volunteer activities should be evaluated based on return on investment including their impact on the company, employees, and the community. You may be asked to “make the business case” for developing, expanding and revising your EVP based on program outcomes or results, so regular evaluations are critical to the quality and longevity of your EVP. These resources offer you methodologies and mechanisms for measuring the impact of your EVP and evaluate results. These measurement tools will help you track employee and community participation and satisfaction to determine if your program is meeting its predetermined strategic goals.
  • Evaluation Strategy and Plan
  • Measuring Employee Volunteer Program Outcomes
  • Measuring EVPs The HR Model
  • Nonprofit Feedback Form
  • Six Steps to EVP Outcome Evaluation

And much more!