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HandsOn Network is the premier national resource for workplace-based volunteering.


Now, more than ever, workplace volunteering is gaining momentum and international attention. Engaging employees in volunteer service not only meets the expectations of the community, it also targets business objectives and addresses employee interests. Employee volunteer programs (EVPs) can be a vital and strategic part of your business operations and bridge the gap between business and social concerns.

The benefits of a business membership with HandsOn Network are numerous

HandsOn Network works with business leaders to build and sustain successful EVPs. Our staff can guide your company in developing and enhancing an effective EVP to meet our Principles of Excellence for Workplace Volunteering. With our specialized training, resource materials, national network of Corporate Volunteer Councils, and networking and visibility opportunities, we empower thousands of businesses to motivate and engage their employees, retirees and families in programs that make a difference.


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Core Level 1—4 Member Benefits


  • Access to business members-only website featuring discussions, blog, resources, effective practices, timely announcements
  • Technical assistance from Business Training Department on topics of interest via email and phone


  • Corporate Communications – Quarterly members-only newsletter dedicated to highlighting member community efforts, trends and strategies
  • Media referrals and increased opportunities for national and local media exposure
  • Inclusion in HandsOn electronic Membership Directory, HandsOn Annual Report, or similar publications
  • Ability to use HandsOn logo (with organization’s approval)


  • National Conference registration discount
  • Discount on training seminars (20% off) - Developing Excellence, Building Partnerships, Measuring Outcomes
  • Free training webinars


  • Connections with HandsOn Action Centers in local markets
  • Connections with peers and networking opportunities
  • Invitations to members only events
  • Opportunities to participate in key HandsOn national programming

Leader Level Benefits

All core level benefits plus:

  • Discounts and benefits for up to 10 employees
  • Highlight and mention in corporate newsletter and ongoing training communications
  • Name recognition on business audience section of HandsOn website

Patron Level Benefits

All core level benefits plus:

  • Discounts and benefits for up to 20 employees
  • Complimentary advertisement, company logo or message placement in a HandsOn print or online publication
  • Select invitations to participate in national HandsOn research, publication, and media requests
  • Increased recognition on HandsOn website
  • Facilitation of in-person meeting with local HandsOn Action Center
  • Discounts on consulting services and manual/toolkit development (10-20% off depending on size of proposal)
  • Opportunity to have HandsOn senior staff representative as a speaker at a company event
  • Media referrals and increased opportunities for national and local media exposure

Business Individual Benefits


  • Access to business members-only website featuring discussions, resources, effective practices, timely announcements


  • Corporate Communications – Quarterly members-only newsletter dedicated to highlighting member community efforts, trends and strategies


  • National Conference registration discount
  • Discount on training seminars - Developing Excellence, Building Partnerships, Measuring Outcomes
  • Access to training webinars (free to members)


HandsOn Network keeps Business Members informed of the latest events happening in the area of workplace volunteering. Please view our calendar here, which includes events taking place all across the sector for employee volunteer professionals.


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Webinar Archives:

Webinar recordings are free for Business Members and members of the CVC Network.  The cost for non-members is $25. 


HandsOn Network Presented "The Road to MLK Day 2011" on Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Is your company interested in making a real impact for the upcoming observance of MLK Day?  Do you want to include your Employee Volunteer Program in this National Day of Service?  Join HandsOn Network for "The Road to MLK Day 2011." Please click here to request a copy.



HandsOn Network hosted a webinar titled The 2010 Employee Volunteer Program Reporting Standards: Does Your EVP Measure Up?”  This session provided attendees with a deep-dive into the standards and how they can be applied.  The webinar was led by Syreeta Skelton, Associate Director of Evaluation & Performance Measurement at Points of Light Institute.  If you are interested in viewing a recording of this webinar please click here  



HandsOn Network Presented "Can Employee Spirit and Corporate Strategy Co-Exist Productively within your EVP?" on Wednesday, May 26, 2010. Please click here to request a copy.

Volunteering - with its altruistic, voluntary and personal character - has a hard time blossoming within the hard confines of the workplace characterized by supervisor scrutiny, strategic planning, logical decision-making, objective reporting systems and other business considerations. Conversely, the business quest for a strategic volunteer program that is logically designed to maximize effectiveness can not thrive when the program is expected to honor the idealistic nature of volunteering, including that it is charitable, personal, voluntary and non-remunerated. The result is that employee volunteer program managers are caught in constant tension between "true" and "strategic" volunteering. Based on recent research, this webinar will explore this tension and how to get beyond it in order to have your employee volunteer program thrive despite this self-limiting tension.
Bea Boccalandro, President of VeraWorks
This webinar was led by Bea Boccalandro
Leadership Faculty, Points Of Light Institute
Faculty, Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship
President of VeraWorks.


HandsOn Network presented "It Takes Two to Tango: Selecting Partners for Your Workplace Volunteer Program." Creating impact and sustainable change through workplace volunteering requires careful selection of community partners. This webinar provides tested ideas and techniques to identify nonprofit organizations that fit your company's community strategy, employee interests and citizens' needs.

David Warshaw, Founder and Principal of Vistas Volunteer Management Solutions

This session was presented by David Warshaw, Principal, Vistas Volunteer Management Solutions (VistasVMS). Would you like to view a recording of this session? Please click here to request a copy.


HandsOn Network provides a comprehensive collection of resources related to the area of workplace volunteering.  Whether you need published articles or training materials, the resource library has tools you can use. 

For a limited time, non-members may access the Business Membership Tools and Resources, and we encourage you to reference and adapt these documents for your specific needs. 



Introduction: Building the Case for EVPs

Employee Volunteer Programs offer a number of benefits to your company. However, companies understandably want the benefits of having an EVP to support their main business priorities and contribute to the achievement of business goals. These resources offer compelling research, information and business justification to support an EVP at your company. They’ll help you understand and communicate the business case for having an EVP and the value it brings to your organization.

Building Value in EVPs Best Practices

The following resources provide you with established benchmarks so that you can build upon effective practices to help ensure that the investment of time and resources you dedicate to developing and managing your Employee Volunteer Program yields the dividends you expect. They help you identify, advance, promote and recognize EVP best practices. By utilizing these resources, you’ll learn about trends, effective practices, and ways to refine and enhance your volunteer program to meet corporate, employee, and community goals and needs.

EVP Development

These resources outline the various stages of EVP development so that you can employ the key elements essential to establishing a successful EVP at your company. They provide you with indispensable tools for developing an EVP that encourages optimum participation and provides opportunities for employees to invest their time and talent in generating social change while bringing value to the organization.

Employee and Community Needs Assessment

These resources will help you in creating and sustaining a successful EVP by giving you tools to assess the interests, preferences or issues that company employees and the community want and need to address. By seeking and assessing employee’s ideas and feedback, you can develop a program which encourages participation. In order to align the employees’ interests with real community needs, you’ll need to uncover how these social issues are affecting the people in your community. Using these assessment resources will aid you in developing activities that appeal to your employees and top management, while also fulfilling real community needs that will make a difference.

EVP Management

In order to be successful, Employee Volunteer program need to be managed like any other business function. These resources will assist you in putting processes and systems in place to help ensure your EVP is effective. They explore methods and tools in addition to tips from experts to help manage corporate volunteering.

Recognition and Awards

Recognition and Awards Programs promote employee involvement, create a strong identity for our EVP and provide your company with increased exposure. The following resources provide you with strategies for developing a Recognition Program thathonors and acknowledges the achievements ofyour company volunteers through internal and established external award programs.

Measurement, Evaluation and ROI

Like all business strategies, volunteer activities should be evaluated based on return on investment including their impact on the company, employees, and the community. You may be asked to “make the business case” for developing, expanding and revising your EVP based on program outcomes or results, so regular evaluations are critical to the quality and longevity of your EVP. These resources offer you methodologies and mechanisms for measuring the impact of your EVP and evaluate results. These measurement tools will help you track employee and community participation and satisfaction to determine if your program is meeting its predetermined strategic goals.

Communications, Marketing and PR

In order to achieve the highest return on investment for your Employee Volunteer Program it’s important to publicize your company’s volunteer efforts, both internally and externally, to employees, senior management and the media. By using all the communications vehicles at your disposal, you consistently communicate your company’s social vision and commitment. These resources provide you with communications, marketing and public relations tools and ideas to increase employee involvement, gain greater public recognition and enhance your EVPs ability to address serious social problems and community needs.

Surveys and Reports

The following landmark Surveys and Reports provide compelling research studies, information and business case validation to help support and strengthen your EVP. They explore insights into the opportunities and challenges EVPs face today, and how companies use them in for employee skill-building, PR, marketing and communications, recruiting and retention and valuing diversity.

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