Volunteer Lenawee! Success Story

Volunteer Lenawee!

“Running some of the reports helps me to gain a better snapshot of volunteer service within our community. HandsOn Connect helps better visualize the data and tell a more impactful story.”

—Anthony Sacco, VCM AmeriCorps VISTA


  • Volunteer Lenawee! needed a platform that lets them manage a database of about 123 non-profit organizations and 2,000 to 2,500 volunteers annually. They were the first volunteer center in the nation to take HandsOn Connect live.

  • Volunteers were left hanging while they waited to see if they’d actually gotten a slot in a project; sometimes they dropped out if they were disappointed. Volunteer Lenawee! wanted to be able to have an immediate response.

  • The organization wanted to do a better job engaging the community.


  • A customizable web presence improves the functionality of the web site; volunteers connect directly with the agency they’ll be working for without having to go through an intermediary.

  • Volunteer Lenawee! created donor buttons, banners and a donor page to engage with community members and foundations.

  • Volunteer Lenawee! custom-built a self-reporting page for volunteers.

  • They created a set of how-to manuals to share with others using HandsOn Connect that they can customize for their own use.


  • Partner agencies and volunteers see a prettier, customized web presence.

  • Immediate response improves volunteer engagement.

  • Partner organizations save staff time because volunteers can do their own reporting.

  • Group registration is simpler and offers options.

  • It’s easy to capture non-registered volunteer hours.

  • Volunteers can easily print out their service records as a PDF.