HandsOn Twin Cities Success Story

HandsOn Twin Cities

“We’ve heard from people saying that they really like the new layout of the site. It’s easier to find what they’re looking for. If you appear to be current and relevant, people are more willing to spend time on your web site.”

—Tyler Bancroft, Project Coordinator


  • HandsOn Twin Cities needed a platform that lets them manage a database of about 300 partner organizations and up to 1600 volunteers annually.

  • They were not able to add images to project descriptions unless someone knew how to do HTML code.

  • They wanted to be able to work better with corporate partners. They needed to be able to set up private, exclusive projects that only they could sign up for.

  • They needed to be able to run more individualized reports.


  • The WYSIWYG editor lets partner organizations enter their project descriptions easily and include images.

  • Updating the home page with a visual lets staff highlight special needs.

  • HandsOn Twin Cities created landing pages for individual corporate partners to administer their own projects.

  • An easy-to-read calendar provides a convenient place to highlight projects.

  • HandsOn Twin Cities created a tracking system that allows them to pull custom reports on Impact Now, their recurring volunteer project, for the network and the United Way, to demonstrate what was accomplished, not just total hours.

  • The Volunteer Opportunity Wizard lets agencies and organizations post new projects by just clicking and answering questions.

  • The ability to clone projects eliminates the need to start all over again for duplicate projects.

  • The new support team responds to help tickets much faster; fixes don’t break other things.


  • Partner agencies find it helpful to be able to log in and review their volunteer opportunities.

  • There is an increase in the number of web site views. Also, visitors spend more time on the site.

  • Volunteers like the new layout; it’s easy to find what they’re looking for.

  • Recurring volunteer registration is up.

  • Group registration is simpler.

  • There is an improved system for sending volunteers reminders and email requests for feedback.

  • It’s easier for partner organizations to use HandsOn Connect, and it’s also more useful to them.

  • HandsOn Twin Cities directs volunteers to the calendar more easily; the calendar is easier to read.

  • There was a huge spike in volunteer participation at annual HandsOn Twin Cities Volunteer Expo.

  • HandsOn Twin Cities directed volunteers to opportunities aimed at providing disaster aid following a tornado.

  • The staff saves time by consolidating multiple Excel sheets previously required for the Impact Now program, their ongoing projects.

  • With more flexibility in project management and data reporting, the staff can build reports by specifying what data they need and how to format it.