HandsOn Battle Creek Success Story

HandsOn Battle Creek

“We’re most impressed by the functionality of HandsOn Connect and the potential for the future. Out of all the volunteer management systems out there, it has the greatest potential to grow with the sector. It seems nimble enough to change as developments in technology happen.”

— Jim Pearl, Executive Director


  • HandsOn Battle Creek needed a platform that would let them manage a database of 90 agencies and organizations and from 4,000 to 4,500 volunteers who offer their service throughout the year.
  • Corporate partners found it inconvenient to sign up groups of employees; each volunteer had to be entered individually.
  • It was difficult to track service hours on an individual basis.
  • There was no functionality to allow running custom reports. Reporting functions were not user friendly.


  • Templates provide a more current feel to the website, a common affiliate look and make the site user-friendly. It’s possible to include video and links to social media.
  • Corporate partners have a unique access code to exclusive opportunities.
  • The Volunteer Opportunity Wizard provides corporate partners with a guided process for entering an opportunity and makes it easy to manage volunteer registration, communicate through email and report attendance.
  • Reporting functions make it possible to produce and automate custom reports, using any element of data in any form. HandsOn Battle Creek uses custom reports to track group service more thoroughly for United Way Days of Caring.
  • It’s easy to email volunteers when opportunities in their preferred causes are available and to send them reminders.
  • One-on-one training at a community college computer lab initiated about 50  agencies, who created profiles in the system.
  • The organization plans continuing training for new volunteer coordinators.


  • Agencies can post their volunteer opportunities in less time.
  • Group registration is now possible. Corporate team leaders can sign up a company team, and parents can sign up the entire family.
  • Volunteer coordinators can track hours and verify service of individual volunteers.
  • Volunteers can easily get a downloadable service transcript in support of scholarship or job applications.
  • More volunteers are searching for opportunities on the web site, rather than calling or stopping by.
  • Volunteer opportunities are more current.
  • Turnaround on response time following a big storm was shortened, with increased participation. HandsOn Battle Creek expected 60 to 70 volunteers for cleanup and got 220.