Youth & Family

Every child needs to know that they can make a difference in the world, and indeed they can. Children for Children and HandsOn Network have joined forces and announced a new brand identity – one  that we believe will be a movement igniting the power of young people – we call this movement generationOn.


GenerationOn is the global youth service movement igniting the power of all kids to make their mark on the world. As Points of Light's youth service enterprise, generationOn inspires, equips and mobilizes youth to take action through generationOn service clubs, schools, youth organizations, campaigns and youth leadership initiatives. They also provide tools and resources to kids, teens, families, educators and organizations to help kids change the world and themselves through service.

Our Model Service and service-learning is central to our model. Research shows that service is more than a cultural value; it is an essential tool to the development of the next generation and a powerful lever for the education and life success of all children. In a recent survey more than 80% of students believed that opportunities for real-world learning such as service-learning, work study, and internships would improve their likelihood of graduating from high school. Service strikes at the core issues of the dropout epidemic, yielding measurable outcomes including improved academic achievement, increased critical thinking and work skills, and reduction in risky behaviors, class failures and suspensions. In addition, research indicates that when parents and caregivers are involved in their children’s education, students do better in school and in life, parents become empowered, schools get better and communities grow stronger1. 1. National Coalition for parental involvement and education