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In the resource library, browse the hundreds of available resources or search by format, keyword, category, audience or type of resource. They are drawn from our current work, previous HandsOn Network, and Points of Light resource collections and our partner organizations.

HandsOn Tech Program Codification

This program codification can inform any organization Interested in starting a technology program in their community. 

Service Enterprise Characteristics

Return on Volunteer Investment Spreadsheet

Reimagining Volunteer Engagement

Measuring Changes in Organization Effectiveness Resulting from Capacity Building: A National Service Project Case Study

How do you know if capacity-building activities increase organization effectiveness? What measurement tools exist? This session presents a system, developed through a nonprofit-university collaboration, for capacity-building performance measurement.

Ready, Set, Grow: TOols and Tales to Start and scale your Pro Bono Program

We’re excited that you’re starting to think about building, growing and measuring the  impact of your skills-based volunteer program. The tools listed below are designed for companies across many stages of their  development, and will help you:   Make the business case...

It's a Family affair

How do you engage families? What is one thing you would like to do differently?

Calling on the Called: Managing Faith-Motivated Volunteers

Understand who faith-motivated volunteers are Why it is important to engage them How to connect with faith motivated volunteers and their networks  Take away a handful of tips and best practices to use in your current setting

Using Service for Results After School

This presentation highlights various ways youth in service and service for youth can positively impact academic and 21st century skill development. Provide resources for getting involved and making local connections.

Strengthening the Link between Human Resources and Employee Volunteerism

learn to use your professional skills to create positive, sustainable change for non-profit organizations and the comunities you serve.