HandsOn Disasters

When disaster strikes, HandsOn Network Affiliate Action Centers serve the critical role of organizing and leading volunteer response efforts in communities around the world.

Action Center Updates

Message About Recent Severe Weather

On August 24, a 6.0-magnitude earthquake struck near the city of Napa, Calif. Approximately 200 were injured and thousands were left without power. This was the largest earthquake to hit the San Francisco Bay Area in the past 25 years.

Points of Light is coordinating with HandsOn Network affiliates in the affected areas and connecting with Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) chapters across the U.S to access the situation and offer support. HandsOn Network is the local expert in volunteer engagement and often the lead in managing spontaneous unaffiliated volunteers throughout the response and recovery effort.

If you would like to support the recovery effort, here’s what you can do to help:


  • Don't self-deploy at this time. The situation is still critical and travel is extremely difficult or impossible throughout much of the affected area.
  • Don't bring supplies or donations to fire stations, police departments, etc. First responders need to focus on immediate needs and emergency situations.


  • Do donate to help Points of Light and HON affiliates support the mobilization of volunteers in ongoing response and recovery efforts.
  • Do register your interest to volunteer on All for Good and check this page often for the latest updates on how you can help.
  • Do be prepared! As the devastation caused by these tornados reminds us, disasters can happen anytime, anywhere. Please take steps now to help your family and community recover more quickly from disasters. Visit www.goodandready.org to download an emergency preparedness checklist and create a disaster readiness plan for your family.


HandsOn Network Affiliate Action Centers are critical resources in communities when disaster strikes. In partnership with local government and other entities, they coordinate local response efforts and serve as a central access point for volunteers.

HandsOn Network’s work focuses on the fact that “all disasters are local.” Our strength comes from the efforts of our Action Centers in three distinct areas:

  • Spontaneous unaffiliated volunteer management (SUVs) and in managing Volunteer Reception Centers (VRCs) in times of disaster
  • Defining nonprofit needs in times of disaster and matching volunteers to those needs
  • Large-scale project execution as part of long-term recovery


Together with our partners, HandsOn Network has developed a robust library of resources to guide local response efforts. HandsOn Network Affiliates can log into the Affiliate Member Center for access to more helpful tools and resources.