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Our Global Network

HandsOn Network is putting people at the center of change in communities around the world through a growing global network of civic entrepreneurs who are pioneering the HandsOn model in their countries and cities. 

We’ve seen the HandsOn model deepened, refined and innovated in societies as diverse as El Salvador and Singapore, Shanghai and Milan, Rio de Janeiro and Amsterdam.

HandsOn Action Centers are dramatically growing the numbers of actively-engaged volunteers, corporate employee engagement programs, nonprofits utilizing volunteers, and civic leaders initiating their own service projects.  They are having a meaningful and significant impact on local social issues.

Perhaps most powerfully, HandsOn Action Centers are inspiring the world’s next generation of service leaders: individuals leading projects with local NGOs, employees stepping forward to lead corporate initiatives, young people setting up projects of their own, and social entrepreneurs starting up HandsOn Action Centers in new cities and countries.      

HandsOn Network’s Uniqueness

Global Inspiration

HandsOn Network affiliates are different from traditional volunteer organizations around the world in that we actively develop and manage volunteer opportunities and equip citizens to lead them. 

We go beyond simply referring volunteers to nonprofit agencies.  We create “engines of compassion” at the heart of our communities.

Our Action Centers offer a starting point for citizens to get engaged – by providing short-duration, recurring, and “flexible” service opportunities – often taking place after work hours and on weekends and particularly well-suited to the busy lives of modern citizens.  We reduce the barriers to citizens getting involved.

We are passionate about creating a meaningful service experience – by partnering with local nonprofit organizations to design high-impact service projects.  And, we guide our volunteers’ entire service experience, from recruitment, to project placement, to evaluation and reflection, to offering leadership development and educational opportunities that can transform an initial interest in helping into a lifelong commitment to service. 

We create a spirit of working together – by building camaraderie and connectedness among volunteers, capacity in nonprofit organizations to more effectively leverage citizens in advancing their missions, and partnership with corporations to accelerate and deepen their community impact.

We develop citizen leaders and offer a pathway to greater participation.  Key to growing the HandsOn model in local communities are the volunteer leaders who are inspired and equipped to take on greater responsibility in leading projects and mobilizing and managing other volunteers.  We also equip civic leaders to start up their own service projects; we facilitate opportunities for volunteers to leverage their professional skills. 

International Affiliates


International Affiliates

HandsOn Network has Action Centers mobilize volunteers in 29 countries and more than 60 cities outside the United States. In 2013, our global network supported more than:

  • 100,000 Volunteers
  • 4,000 local community partners and nonprofits
  • 750 Corporate offices around the world

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HandsOn Network International Action Centers


Action Center Location: Rio de Janeiro
Additional Project Sites: São Paulo, Curitiba, Porto Alegre and Florianopolis (Rede Brasileira de Voluntariado)
Phone number: +55 21 2262-1110
E-mail: direx@riovoluntario.org.br


Volunteer Canada
Action Center Location: Ottawa
Additional Project Sites: National
Phone number: +1 613 231-4371
E-mail: info@volunteer.ca


HandsOn China
Action Center Location: Shanghai, Beijing and Chengdu
Additional Project Sites: Suzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Xi’An, Tianjin, Shenzhen and Wuhan
Phone number: +86 21 6225-5220
E-mail: info@handsonshanguai.com


HandsOn Bogota
Action Center Location: Bogota
Phone number: +39 346 838-3898
E-mail: marcela@handsonbogota.org

El Salvador

Glasswing International
Action Center Location: San Salvador
Phone number: +502 2223-0000
E-mail: info@glasswing.org


Glasswing International
Action Center Location: Guatemala
Phone number: +502 2223-0000
E-mail: info@glasswing.org


Glasswing International
Action Center Location: Tegucigalpa
Phone number: +502 2223-0000
E-mail: info@glasswing.org

Hong Kong

HandsOn Hong Kong
Action Center Location: Hong Kong
Additional Project Sites: Guangzhou and Shenzhen
E-mail: hohk@handsonhongkong.org


Action Center Location: Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi and Kolkata
Additional Project Sites: Hyderabad and Kotte (Sri Lanka)
Phone number: +91 22 6582-8874
E-mail: mumbuai@ivolunteer.in


Action Center Location: Milan
Phone number: +39 346 838-3898
E-mail: info@milanoaltruista.org

Action Center Location: Rome
Phone number: +39
E-mail: info@romaltruista.it

Action Center Location:Tristre
Phone number: +57 318 572 0019
E-mail: info@tristealtruita.org


HandsOn Tokyo
Action Center Location: Tokyo
Additional Project Sites: Fukushima, Iwate and Miyagi
Phone number: +3 3583-2135
E-mail: info@handsontokyo.org


HandsOn Korea
Action Center Location: Seoul
Additional Project Sites: Kwacheon , Pohang, Kyeongbuk and Kangreung
Phone number: +82 2 415-6575
E-mail: volun@volunteer21.org


HandsOn London
Action Center Location: London
Phone number: + 44 (0)7432707361
E-mail: info@handsonlondon.org.uk


Action Center Location: Amsterdam, Arnhem, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Eindhoven and Den Haag
Phone number: 020 240 2480
E-mail: info@nederlandcares.nl


Voluntariados de Panama
Action Center Location: Panama City
Phone number: 507-6780-2698
E-mail: voluntariadosdepanama@gmail.com


HandsOn Manila
Action Center Location: Manila
Additional Project Sites: Jala-jala, Rizal, Aklan, Calamba and Laguna
Phone number: +(632) 843-7044
E-mail: info@handsonmanila.org


Singapore Cares
Action Center Location: Singapore
Phone number: 6550 9595
E-mail: volunteer@sgcares.org


HandsOn Harare
Action Center Location: Harare
Phone number: +263 778 060 428
E-mail: shepstone@handsonharare.com

Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or inquiries at: international@handsonnetwork.org.

Join Us


Join Us

We are actively growing our international network and impact.

If you are a civic entrepreneur inspired by the HandsOn model of service and interested in launching it in your city, we would love to speak with you.

If you are a nonprofit organization with a mission to promote volunteering, a commitment to innovation and action, and an interest in incorporating the HandsOn model into your approach, we would love to speak with you as well.

If you are a corporation seeking an innovative partner to accelerate and deepen your community engagement around the world, we offer a globally integrated and leading local “platform” through which to do this.

If you are a corporation or foundation with a commitment to advancing civic participation and community engagement around the world, we are looking for strategic partners to support HandsOn affiliate launch in new markets.

If you are a civic leader with a vision to deepen citizen engagement in your community, we may have materials, tools and resources to accelerate your work.

Please contact us at international@handsonnetwork.org




If you wish to learn more about HandsOn Network and how to become a member of our Network, we suggest that you review our HandsOn Network Fundamentals Handbook.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or inquiries at: international@handsonnetwork.org.

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