Hands On Manila Servathon 2009

Hands On Manila's annual servathon was an incredible, high-impact event that engaged thousands of volunteers in service that benefitted victims of the recent Typhoon Ketsana and floods.

Projects included refurbishing schools damaged by flooding, painting murals in day care centers and hospital rooms, planting urban vegetable gardens and assisting with resume writing and mock job interviews for migrant youth, just to name a few of the significant activities volunteers accomplished.

Achievements of Servathon 2009 by the numbers:
  • 32 companies participated in
  • 37 projects with
  • 65 volunteer leaders and
  • 10 Volunteer photographers
  • 1,075 Volunteers.
  • All these translates to a grand total of 12,815 volunteers
  • Benefiting 12,025 students in 4 schools
  • Serving 12 communities
  • Affecting 1,000 families,
  • 20 single moms and more than 4,000 youth and children!
The servathon was an overwhelming success, as Hands On Manila volunteers made a huge impact on flood and typhoon victims, connected with new corporate partners and encouraged continued civic engagement. A local media outlet even thanked the organization with a 1/4 of a page advertisement.