Effectively Leveraging Volunteers to Serve the Military Community

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Volunteer Service Models
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In order to leverage volunteers to their fullest potential, you need to have a disciplined approach to volunteer management. As part of your discipline, you need to adopt certain effective volunteer management practices that target volunteer recruitment to both serve with the military community as well as meet the needs of the military community.

Volunteers bring their time, voice, talent and sometimes even money to help meet the mission of your group or organization. Volunteers are investments and by contributing their skills, knowledge, experience, tools, community relationships, etc. to your overall efforts, they make your group more adaptable, resourceful and sustainable. The more volunteers you can effectively manage, the greater the likelihood that your efforts will be sustainable and scalable. It is important for those organizations serving the military community to recruit from that community and invite them to serve and serve again. Read this guide to learn more about how you can better leverage volunteers from and for the military community.