Customized Employee Volunteer Programs

With over 250 HandsOn Action Centers in 16 countries, HandsOn Network helps companies engage employees across their enterprise by assisting in the design, development and management of small or large-scale employee engagement projects.


With a flexible framework of volunteer programs, projects are aligned with a company’s strategic objectives yet tailored to fit specific markets and community needs.  Our services are broad and are aimed at simplifying your role in volunteer management and increasing the impact of your employee volunteer program. 

Standard offerings include: volunteer organization and management; site selection; program planning and execution; communications and public relations; customized evaluations and reporting; and opportunities to participate in year-round partnership activities. 

Regardless of the size or scope of your customized employee volunteer program, we will work with you to create a meaningful project that creates lasting change in the communities you serve.


Employee Volunteers

There are many ways we work with companies to engage their employees and create impact in communities.

Revitalize Schools
Participate in school transformation projects that improve student performance, engage the surrounding community and create an educational culture change throughout the school.
Restore Environmental Resources
Lend your hands to specific and tangible environmental stewardship initiatives that will influence the behavior change required to preserve the Earth for future generations.
Reduce Poverty through Community Development
Become the first to pilot and demonstrate scalable, community and volunteer-based initiatives that will help build financial security through citizens helping one another in times of need.
Respond to Disaster and Prepare Communities for Emergency
Enlist your employees in opportunities that provide life-saving resources and on-the-ground support to disaster zones around the world. Help communities prepare for times of disaster with impactful tools and resources.
Global Corporate Volunteer Opportunities
If your company has global volunteer needs, HandsOn Network partners with CSR360. As a member of this global partner network we work in mutual partnership to promote Corporate Citizenship, Corporate Community Investment and the wider framework of Corporate Responsibility. 

For more information about developing a customized employee volunteer experience, contact Madden Manion.

Training & Consulting

HandsOn Network’sTraining and Cosulting Department helps businesses develop and manage effective, sustainable employee volunteer programs (EVPs) that meet company priorities, address employees’ interests and target real community needs.

We work directly with companies and EVP managers as well as with Corporate Volunteer Councils (CVCs) and the Corporate Service Council to provide information, share effective practices, and provide opportunities for networking, leadership and recognition.  Our services include:

  • Communication assistance to help you get your point across in ways that will inspire and engage your employees, such as policy and toolkit development.
  • Assessment services that enable us to gather attitudinal and cultural information and perceptions through benchmarking, surveying and more.
  • Customized and standard trainings.
  • Strategy support and implementation assistance.

Contact Jennifer Highsmith now to learn more about how we can help your organization develop an award winning volunteer program.


Benefits for Companies

Just as nonprofits are trying to respond to growing demands, the corporate sector is being pressured to achieve measurable results through its community giving strategies.  Skills-based volunteering (SBV) increases the value of companies’ support to community partners by increasing the magnitude of impact those partners have – a kind of multiplier effect.  Through skills-based volunteering, companies can offer the specific knowledge and unique business experience of their professional workforce, which is often what nonprofits need most.  Corporations can strategically focus their social investment by making available their most competitive asset – their talent.  This factor is especially important as companies look for ways to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to the community and to diversify their service project portfolios.  SBV is a win-win value proposition that creates a foundation on which companies and nonprofits can build ongoing, mutually beneficial relationships.

SBV programs also help companies to recruit and retain employees,as job seekers are increasingly interested in a company’s community engagement, particularly young people entering the workforce.  Research shows that SBV improves recruitment and retention, especially among Millennials, and that itenhancesemployee morale, loyalty and productivity.  Working for nonprofits with new teams, under added constraints and with limited resources, helps give employees a new perspective and stimulates their creativity.For global corporations, SVB becomes a reward program for their best employees; individuals apply to participate in international projects, and after a selection process based on skills and career, the employee receives training as a leader on an overseas volunteer mission.

Since it is often easier to measure the impact of an SBV project than of a hands-on service project, the return on the company’s investment is much more visible.  In addition, SBV initiatives give companies the opportunity to align their volunteering programs with their own areas of interest – such as a financial services company offering its employees’ skills to financial literacy education.   

To understand how HandsOn Network can help you, READ MORE or contact Veronica Parages, Director Skills-Based Volunteerism at HandsOn Network.